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Uber Is Getting Higher

Uber is getting pretty darn serious about tapping into more radical means of transport. Some time back we had all heard about their interest in launching flying taxis. And now they actually have a concept in place to make this far-fetched idea a reality. This breakthrough news was delivered at the second annual Uber Elevate conference in Los Angeles. So it seems what started as a mere idea is, in fact, being developed with the purpose to deliver. In the near future, short distance travel through air transport is going to become a common practice. You will be able to travel faster through an Uber Flying Taxi or an Uber Air Taxi.



Mechanics Of Uber Flying Taxi

An Uber Air Taxi is going to be a cross between a helicopter and an airplane. It is expected to have 4 stacked rotors along the back. Stacked rotors usually have two rotors placed on top of each other. They are placed some distance apart. These rotate in the same direction to provide the essential lift. At the time of landing, the rotors would stow away for safe disembarkment. For forward propulsion, there would indeed be a fifth rotor on the tail of the air taxi. The most prominent aspect of this design is the safety aspect. Even if one rotor fails the others will still continue to work. This would allow for a safer landing.

More than mini aircrafts these vehicles are Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Vehicles or EVTOL.

Uber flying taxi will work on the technology of Distributed Electric Propulsion or DEP. As such, an Uber air taxi is expected to be significantly quieter as compared to a regular aircraft. Moreover, it is going to be powered by powerful batteries. Therefore, an Uber flying taxi is expected to be more eco-friendly. It is also expected that the initial air taxis will be flown by humans. And thereafter, they will migrate to independent flying.

Infrastructure Required

Uber wants to roll out its first flying Taxis by 2023. Although the concept is revolutionary, it requires a lot of pre-planning. This is mostly in order to meet the various requirements. An Uber flying taxi will fly at a height of approximately 1,000 to 2,000 feet. Therefore, sky ports, or rooftop pick-up and landing sites, will have to be developed. Similarly, pilots will have to be trained to handle these small aircraft’s. The Uber flying taxi will operate at low heights and comparatively low speed. Once the initial phase is a pass, complex programs will have to be developed that will remotely control the Uber air taxis.

More importantly, an even bigger hurdle at the moment would be to get certification for the new vehicle. Post that a control system will have to be developed to provide flying support so as to prevent collisions.

Uber A Leader In Low Height Air Travel Because…

Many well-established companies, as well as start-ups, are working towards creating flying cars. But these are all working independently. Unlike them, Uber has already collaborated with real estate firms, aircraft manufacturers, and raw material suppliers. They are also in talks with governments, innovative engineers, and regulatory bodies etc. Hence, Uber has already taken that giant leap which others are yet to plan for. The stage is set for the Uber flying taxi to take to the skies.

Jeff Holden, Chief Product Officer at Uber, has also revealed that Uber has joined forces with NASA. It has collaborated with NASA to come up with a new air traffic control system. This new system would provide the necessary assistance to these low-flying aircraft’s.

Uber Flying Taxi A Pressing Need

Traffic congestion and traveling time are two important considerations. Many times these prevent people from working in locations of their choice. Today, when everything is easy to manage, traveling time can still be a hindrance. Largely it prevents even the most dedicated people from working in positions where they can deliver their best. Also, when technology is advancing there is no reason why one should suffer. Large distance and bumper to bumper traffic should not be a restriction anymore. Uber Air Taxi is expected to be a means of mass transport which over a period of time will cost less. It is expected to be cheaper than using your own car for commuting. However, in the beginning, it is going to be costly.

Taking into account its long-term cost-effectiveness and ease of travel, the Uber Air Taxi is a pressing need. The faster it rolls in, the better for all. Indeed, Uber Elevate program is a most welcome change. It will make commuting fast and easy.

Uber Elevate Program

Uber flying taxi as a part of the Uber Elevate program aims to create urban aerial ridesharing. Los Angeles and Dallas have already been announced as the first two launch cities. The third city is expected to be an international one. Uber is still on the lookout for the same. As such, no third name has been announced so far. These cities will offer the first Uber Air Taxis. The demonstration flights are expected to start by 2020.

It can rightly be summarized that Uber Elevate is heralding the future. The whole international community is excited about the concept. However, it is still to be seen how much they can actually achieve. Some might say that Uber Elevate is too optimistic a program. But only those who dream can succeed. If they deliver on what they have promised, Uber will become a force to reckon with. A new beginning is what Uber desperately needs. The Uber Elevate program guarantees just that.

After Thoughts

As an individual, I look forward to booking an Uber flying taxi. And I am sure you do too. I am excited by the vision of new a future. It gives me hope for the coming generations as well. Futuristic machines will be made keeping our environmental duties in mind. These will deliver both on service to the masses and to the environment. I am sure that day is not too far when every country will vie for an Uber flying taxi. It will become a preferred mode of transport by the masses. A bright future is what awaits us. Uber is just its harbinger.



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  1. This sounds so futuristic, like something out of a movie. I can’t believe something like this will come to fruition in my lifetime. Sounds amazing.

  2. This is the right blog for anybody who wants
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  3. My boyfriend is getting his pilot license right now. I can’t wait for him to wake up and share this fascinating idea. I bet his buddies and him would be all over flying their biplanes for a uber ride lol. They love taking people in the air just to show them the sights! I have never experienced uber myself. I am a giant scaredy cat.

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