The Sinful Spoon

Spoon by spoon, the portions added to the plate make for a wicked and sinful spoon. Indulging your taste buds once in a while is not an issue, but making a habit out of it is harmful to health. Very often I have come across people who diet strictly and then, sometimes (according to them), they indulge. All the good that is achieved through dieting is wiped away by that just one excess helping because alas, one is never enough.

There is no harm in dieting if done properly. But, the majority of the people are not aware of what constitutes an effective diet. In their pursuit to achieve that perfect body, they land up being too harsh on themselves. Such people will tend to be irritable, distracted and unhappy. In fact, if truth be told then, for a majority of the people, dieting makes for rumbling stomachs and grumbling mouths. Every time such people come across that sinful spoon, they will surrender to its demands. Each delicious morsel will tempt them for more and being starved for appetizing food, they shall succumb to the calls of the delectable food.

Every BODY is not meant to be thin (in case of women) and muscular (in case of men). Firstly, you need to come to terms with the type of your body. Your frame might be broad which will make it impossible for you to look thinner. In the same manner, if your frame is thin, then adding mass will be an uphill task that will be extremely frustrating. Understand the fact that, beauty does not lie in being either thin or muscular. I know so many men and women, who do not meet this criterion and are yet attractive with impressive personalities. A little thought in this direction will help you set an achievable target.

The biggest detriment to looking healthy is saying no to the sinful spoon. Every spoonful of that decadent food will only make you crave for more and then will start the vicious circle. The best diet is to eat healthy and wholesome food. And when your body craves for something more, that is tantalizing and enticing, then opt for its healthier options. This way you will effectively deny the temptation of the sinful spoon.

Eat Healthy, Be Well!

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8 Comments on “The Sinful Spoon”

    1. This post is really about how we blame the extra portions of food for being overweight and unhealthy. Thanks for your honest opinion. I really appreciate that.

  1. I believe that you should be eating a healthy balanced diet. This does include a ‘sinful spoon’ every once in a while. Preventing yourself from a certain food you enjoy is only going to escalate those cravings. Just always do treats in moderation.

  2. definitely we should know what our body could look like. I’m not against dieting but I do feel it’s better to eat healthy on permanent basis. I used diets many times in my life but each of them was medic one

  3. I think the key is a balanced diet. Don’t ignore cravings or avoid certain types of foods. Just be sensible and don’t over indulge unnecessarily. Thank you for writing on this topic!

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