The Circus Of Life – Perils of Social Media

Connect Through Social Media

Social media is a platform to connect with friends and family spread all over the globe. Although it is a dream come true to be just a click away from your loved ones, one needs to be cautious and vigilant while using this medium. Social media perils far outweigh its benefits. The biggest issue is that of censorship wherein, people fail to recognize what to tell and what to withhold. Too much personal information spread on the net can be used as arsenal against you at any time in future. Do not believe that you are above reproach and nobody has an agenda against you. It is best to assume that just like others you too are susceptible to Internet crimes and data abuse. At least it will curb your inner devil from posting every bit of personal information that nobody else needs to know.

Privacy At Risk

Today, the biggest concern is that all such information that is usually required by banks is also needed by these so-called social sites. For example your name, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone or mobile number etc. For a determined hacker getting hold of such information is not impossible, it may be difficult but again not impossible. Every website is susceptible to data theft, it happened to Yahoo!. Mark Zuckerberg’s private accounts have fallen prey. Hence, it can happen to anyone. Why serve all your private information on a platter to be misused by anyone. It is not possible that you do not understand the criticality of such data. Always hoping for the best is foolish. In the end, only you shall suffer.

Comment With Caution

The other aspect of social media platforms is commenting on posts, those of your friends or acquaintances. Falling into debates, name calling, insensitive comments etc., will just make you a target. You will not be perceived as a person with a viewpoint but, you will be known as someone who holds a grudge. The idea is not to sit back and suffer in quite when something bothers you.

A statement can be made civilly, without being ill-mannered and using gross language. Use your intellect to guide your thoughts into words that are equally forceful without being demeaning. Heated arguments online are like washing your dirty laundry in open. And obviously, nobody finds it attractive. You will not only lose friendships this way but will also earn a reputation for being a crackpot. Steamrolling over others and their viewpoint will not earn you any medals. All you can and should do is just put forth your thoughts, it’s up to others if they want to agree or not.

Social media perils don’t just end here. Too much personal information can also destroy your personal relationships. Problem is that you cannot live inside the mind of others so, you will never know what can hurt them beyond limits. Marriages and relationships have broken over photographs shared and comment posted. Most of us are too juvenile and fail to curb our tongues, in this case, our fingers. We do not know the proper etiquette of using social media and hide behind the statement that – “others are also doing the same”. I feel our maturity has gone for a six and we rush into actions without thinking of their repercussions. If you want to play it safe then control your language and always think hard before you write, share or tweet anything. It is the inconsequential things that tend to blow up in the face.

Family At Risk

Another social media peril, which is also a big concern, is how we randomly post our family photographs. Out stupidity does not end here, we also tag them so that others are aware of who is who. Imagine some miscreant using all such information to lure away your children. Again don’t think that these things happen to others. They can happen to you as well. Children are very trusting by nature and will readily go with anyone who seems to have more than enough knowledge about your family and friends. Kids are so innocent that they just need to believe that the questionable person is known to the family. Again, why risk it?

Social media is here to connect with others and not to show-off. But that is exactly what we land up doing. Most of us do not even pay attention to the fact that our profile might be “Public” and not “Private”. Then again, a profile that can be viewed by just your “friends” is also not sufficient safety.  When push comes to shove, it is not just you but also your family who will suffer at the hands of a corrupt person. Their safety and security both, financial and physical, depends on your posts and the next person with an agenda against you. Wearing rose-colored glasses and thinking that these things happen only to others is not prudent. Waiting for the day when your neck is on the line is not sensible. Think before posting anything online and think again before you hit “Post”. Be cautious, be safe.

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18 Comments on “The Circus Of Life – Perils of Social Media”

  1. Thanks for making all of us aware of the perils of social media. But the actual reason we flock on Facebook is that we need an alternative communication. We are creatures of the digital age. That’s the greatest jeopardy – we have replaced live communication with this rather sterile environment.

    1. That’s true we are creatures of the digital age and that’s the very reason why we need to understand its pros and cons better.

  2. You are so right! I have recently seen way too many hate posts on Facebook and even reported them, but apparently Facebook does not care. There was a post showing a man in a pejorative manner and I reported it, but there was absolutely no action taken. Care must be taken to see to it that we do not get influenced by anyone, because let us face it, staying off social media is pretty darn difficult.

  3. You make a valid point. I think the most important lesson everyone needs to learn is that social media is great as long as you know what to post and what to keep to yourself. For younger people, especially, this is very difficult, because the attention they receive from others on social media is constantly tempting them to reveal more and more from their personal life.

  4. This is an eye opening read. I use social media like crazy for blogging of course and never thought of the consequences I could be facing. I think social media is easily abused by many to take your identity and we should all be very careful and stay aware. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Always a pleasure to share info. A little caution never hurt anyone so it’s better to be careful on social media…you never know where the trap maybe.

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