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When visiting San Antonio with kids it is necessary to include a trip to the SeaWorld in your itinerary. What surprised me was the fact that it attracted not only children but adults and seniors alike. Well, maybe that is because it has something for everyone. SeaWorld is not just about the creatures of the sea. It is about having fun, enjoying shows and unlimited exciting rides. As I said before, SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. Now, because I went there with my family I am going to tell you about all those sights which they found exciting in the San Antonio SeaWorld.

So, our family group consisted of 8 people, 4 adults, and 4 children. The kids ranged between 2 to 7 years of age. At the very entrance of SeaWorld all 4 kids wanted to sit in a stroller. The bawling and crying children attracted more attention than the other creatures put together. Thankfully, it seems that SeaWorld knows that crying means bad publicity. Hence, bang in front of us was a place to hire small wagons or strollers. After getting 3 kids adjusted in 2 strollers and the eldest electing to walk, our band moved forward.

The first destination was the “Dolphins and Beluga Whale Show” known as Ocean Discovery. Watching the graceful Beluga Whales and the agile dolphins were truly amazing. Their sharp follow of commands, stunning acrobatics, and silly acts left us all speechless.


It’s hard to fathom that with love, care, and passionate persistence one can learn to communicate with these beautiful wild creatures of the sea. Dolphins are known to be friendly but that is not a term easily associated with whales. However, on this platform, they were all the same. The most remarkable sight was seeing the white Beluga whales. Embarrassing as it may sound, I had no clue about the existence of white whales. According to me, they were either just black or a combination of black and white. The whale in Moby Dick was (according to me) an imaginary creature created by the author. Suffice to say the kids were completely awed and so were the adults.

Next, our party marched on towards the biggest attraction of SeaWorld and that is “SHAMU”. Now, at the very outset, let me take this opportunity to clarify the fact that Shamu is the stage name given to the star of the show. The original whale Shamu died in 1971 and the name was trademarked by SeaWorld. So the first glimpse of Shamu the orca whale left the children thunderstruck. They had no idea that a fish could be so big in size. And seeing one so up-close and personal was an enriching experience.

Orca whales are also known as killer whales but these giant creatures put that myth to shame. My understanding is that these gentle giants become killer only when they are threatened. But then so would we. Anyway, the trainers were able to effortlessly guide the orcas through a series of maneuvers that were exciting and amusing.

After the whales, anything less would have been inadequate and less than desirable. So it was time to take a trip to the winter wonderland to meet the colony of penguins. Now my kids had never before seen a penguin let alone an entire colony. For them, it was just a flightless seabird that they had seen in books and on television. A real-time viewing of such adorable creatures had them feeling extremely fortunate.

But this feeling was very short lived as they started getting restless for some action. So with the usual sibling rivalry taking on bigger proportions with a wider range of audience, we just wanted to call it a day. However, the Gods were watching over us so a few steps away was a cute little choo-choo train that caught the children’s attention. After the train ride and some more fighting and bickering, the kids decided to give us a little break. So quickly we decided to go for the rides (Rio Loco, Great White Roller Coaster etc.) before the next world war erupted. Alas, the peace treaty signed was not very effective so very soon they were back to giving us a headache. To make everyone fall back in order we decided to move towards the final show of the day and that was “Sea Lion High”.

Clyde and Seamore are the stars of “Sea Lion High”. Together with their trainers these two adorably cute sea lions unfolded the story of welcoming Santa Claus to their aquatic high school. Their high energy antics together with an equally persistent otter presented an outstanding show. For one of the trainers, it was their last day in SeaWorld, and hence she was bid a heartfelt adieu by the other trainers as well as Clyde and Seamore. It is quite heart-warming to see the bond that is formed over the years between the trainers and these slippery creatures. None the less, the show must always go on.

The evening was cool. However, thanks to the high energy performances on Sesame Street by characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster, Barney etc., the kids jumped and danced with glee to get themselves warm. The night had fallen and the kids were tired. But it seems as soon as they saw the kiddy rides they caught their second wind. After this, there was no stopping them. They went for the carousel, the little roller coaster, the banana boat and so on. Finally, it was time for the San Antonio SeaWorld to close for the day and call it a night. With no other option left we had to pull the children away from the rides to head back home.


  • One day is not enough to take in all that San Antonio SeaWorld has to offer. You need at least 2 days to take in everything.
  • The souvenirs’ are really costly so think twice before buying. According to me, they could be more reasonably priced.
  • To buy tickets and passes of the San Antonio SeaWorld visit


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  1. I would be thrilled to visit a sea world myself! Getting water splashed in the face would be so much fun 🙂

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