Justice For Women

Fighting The Stereotype

From the very beginning of time, women have been known to be the nurturer. They have been associated with the adjectives like gentle, caring, kind etc. Being cautious is their nature. They are trusting and loving. Women balance the men. But at the end of the day, what do they get in return? Women are constantly and continuously typecast and always found wanting. They get stereotyped as bad drivers, overly wary business entrepreneurs, emotionally susceptible beings and biggest of the all mentally weak.

Just because the lady drives cautiously and backs up traffic does not mean she does not know how to drive. At least, she is not causing a fatal pile-up on the freeway. You have already undermined the dignity of a woman so much with your preconceived notions that she has to take each and every step in business with care. She is not wary, you have driven her to be so. She cares and loves with abandon so it is not easy for her to not be affected by the plight of others. Women are an epitome of selfless love. It takes a lot of mental strength to take care of a family and let your own wishes die a silent death. So women are strong…mentally strong.


Being physically weak does not give anyone the permission to either misuse or to label her “inferior”. Without her your own entity is questionable.

No matter what she is and how she is. The important thing is that “SHE IS”. So, stop degrading the women by comparing them to the manly men of the world. According to me, a real man is the one who knows how to respect women and give them their due regard. Had God wanted all beings to be the same then he would never have gone for balance in nature. He would have just created one man with sufficient ego to justify his presence. Women balance the equation and ground a man. She teaches him to love and show compassion. Similarly, women balance the family by completing and binding it together. If you hate women so much why not kill yourself at least this will ensure that you will not have to face one in future. Why rape her or kill her? I know why…because you are weak…mentally weak.


Forget about the men for some time. What does the media do when they hear of a woman being raped? They first try to add sensation to it, then they try to find a religious angle in it and if nothing else works they try to describe the heinous crime in great detail. Is it not enough that the lady, old or young, rich or poor, Hindu or Muslim or Christian for that matter was RAPED? She was robbed of the feeling of safety, she was assaulted both mentally and physically…and all this for no fault of her own.

There is no need to add more drama to the situation. Ask the girl who was assaulted she is living it and if she is not alive any more ask her family…they too are living it. The crime itself was monstrous and needed no further theatrics. Adding theatrics is why you are called “Presstitutes”. Forgetting about others who go through this rape of dignity is why you are called “Presstitutes”. Nirbhaya and Asifa made headlines and you forgot about others who fall prey everyday…and that is why you are called “Presstitutes”.

If you really care, push for public castration and execution of the criminals. If you care, tell the parents to stop making their daughters feel any less than a boy. Raise awareness in both parents and the society that boys must be taught to be humans just like girls, no less and no more. Stop feeding them lines like boys are strong, boys don’t cry, boys need to fight etc.

Change For Better

Rape is a crime but so is considering the women weak and incompetent. If you really care about the future generations, change your own mindsets to accept each human being as an individual with their own strengths and weaknesses. Don’t generalize all to fit into one frame.  As a man, you should respect all women and as a woman, you should stop considering yourselves weak. Don’t think of yourselves as physically weak, think of yourselves as mentally strong. After all, what counts is the brain and not the brawn.





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