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Internet Of Things

Embracing Technology

Fitness is of utmost importance. How well and good you feel is reflected in everything you do. Relationships grow stronger, working becomes efficient and mind is calmer when health is at its best. Introducing technology to the mix makes wonders happen. In this post, we shall try and understand the significance of introducing IoT in wearable devices.

Until a few years back there were no health and fitness trackers. Nobody could have thought that it was possible to measure your heartbeat, steps walked, floors climbed, calorie consumption etc. And today we have devices that allow us to keep track of all of these and much more. Not only that, but there are also phone apps that do the same without physically wearing the device. What I am trying to say is that technology has surpassed all expectations in innovation and usefulness.

Now, let us come to the Internet of Things. In other words, the technology that connects all devices with each other for a seamless flow of information. Today, the wearable technology that we know of are primarily fitness trackers and smartwatches. However, IoT plans to increase the scope of these devices by allowing them to interact with other devices nearby.

Imagine A Scenario…

You are sitting in your car waiting to drive off to work. However, you just realized that you can’t find your car keys. What next? You can’t just keep sitting wishing they would magically drop out of thin air. Well, here’s where the internet of things comes to your rescue. If you have a smart car key it can be tracked through either a phone app or a wearable device that is always worn by you. All you need to do is just tap on the device or app to find the location of your key.

Now Look At The Bigger Picture…

It’s a cold winter morning. You are the proud owner of a smart car and almost ready to set out for work, just collecting a few necessary papers. With a tap on your smartwatch or phone or fitness tracker, you get your car running and warmed up. By the time you step into the car, it’s reached a comfortable temperature. No keys needed and perfectly controlled environment all because of IoT in wearable devices.

The Big Picture

Increasing The Scope Of IoT in Wearable Technology

The best way to understand this is again through an example. When at home, you like to listen to music while doing household chores. Using IoT, you could automatically allow your wearable device to adjust the volume as per the noise conditions. How cool is that? Again this is just a small picture.

Now, imagine a room full of people or a building which is a hustle and bustle of activity. All the people present have on themselves at least one device which is IoT enabled. One of these people has an erratic heartbeat and is about to suffer a heart attack or a panic attack. This sick person’s smart device could send out an SOS signal to other devices present in the room for immediate help. At the same time, it could also alert the emergency services for quick action. Saving a life is a matter of few precious moments and IoT if truly harvested can deliver on such critical times.

Challenges To Overcome

Wearable devices are still evolving. However, one thing that is common to them is the battery. As such, special focus will have to be drawn towards extended battery life. This could mean harvesting energy from physical movements to instant charging pods. If that could happen, you would not have to take off your device to charge it. Probably the only time you would actually take it off would be when it goes out of fashion.

Additionally, each and every wearable device like an armband, a smartwatch, a fitness tracker etc., will need to have a common integrated element. This element would allow them to connect with other IoT enabled devices or data systems.

Out of the box thinking is the only way to be innovative in wearable products. This is because people are fashion conscious and would want technology to be integrated into what they already have on instead of wearing an additional item. Very soon we shall hear of smart glasses, smart jewelry etc., paving way for a hallmark change in trends. If the truth is told, the ecosystem of wearable tech is indeed hard to comprehend.

You cannot overlook the fact that everyone cannot buy state of the art technology. Some people will go for its cheaper variant which will have relatively simple sensors, questionable security, low-speed internet connection etc. In such cases, low-powered Micro Controller Unit’s which are extremely intelligent will have to be developed. These will allow the data to flow without obstruction from one point to another.

A Glimpse Into The Future

Today, wearable tech is relatively simple. It displays social media updates, messages, phone calls, alerts, fitness stats, reminders etc. However, things are going to change. In future, your wearable device will allow you to make payments, cast movies and programs, dictate messages and emails, access your home and office security, save and transmit data and much more. Internet of Things, as it evolves, will dramatically change the way things are done today.

Technology will decrease in size but increase in impact. Augmented reality, a relatively less explored area, will take the world with storm. It will appear in the form of smart glasses, smart contact lens, microchips that stimulate brain etc.

Not only that, medicine is yet another field that will see a great revolution. What we have seen in futuristic movies will become a reality. Embedded microchips will constantly monitor your health. You will know beforehand when you are about to fall ill. Ingestible sensors will help understand the cause of a disease better.

Food For Thought

Somebody asked, “Why should I care about IoT?”

The answer is pretty simple. Even if you don’t want it it’s still here. And it is here to stay. So, something that directly impacts you should be of concern to you. Claiming ignorance is not going to make it go away. Embrace it and understand its pros and cons. This will help you get maximum work done with minimum trouble. IoT is the future and it has already started spreading its wings. It’s time to fly with it.



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14 Comments on “IoT In Wearable Devices”

  1. I agree with you. Internet has been the lifestyle of humankind. Many innovations and breakthroughs are continuously developing, disrupting the traditional establishment of prior lifestyle. Like it or not, from now on is the internet era..

  2. All sound like interesting ideas… I”m not too into techy things overall. I prefer a more low tech way of living, like reading actual books as opposed to tablets. balance is key when it comes to these things!

    1. Balance is really important. However, when it comes to IoT, it really doesn’t matter what you want. It’s the call of the day. Companies want it, governments want it and the tech-savvy people want it. Its here to stay so why not accept it and embrace it.

  3. Thank you on this! Such a blessing that we live in this technology time, so many beneficial things. I only hope these things will be affordable to everyone

  4. This was an interesting read indeed. I quite like my Fitbit I think it’s helpful and motivating to see how much I have achieved.

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