Everyday Habits That Damage Health

Habits Good & Bad

Knowingly or unknowingly our everyday habits are damaging to our health. Often we fall into the rhythm of things and fail to access whether what we are doing is correct or not. By the time we find out otherwise, the damage is already done. What we consider a normal practice can have serious repercussions over a long period of time. Everyday habits that damage health might seem very inconsequential but sometimes you just might have to bear the penalty for life. How to change bad habits and improve health is a big question. As kids, bad habits might become a lifelong routine. Therefore, it is essential to maintain good habits for kids. Bad habits for students can lead to symptoms that affect their activities. All in all, bad habits have a detrimental effect on one’s health.

To improve health, you need to first recognize the bad habits. Once you do that, it is all about making a conscious effort to stop yourself from repeating them.

Everyday Habits That Damage Health

Holding Your Nose To Stop The Sneeze

Stopping Sneeze

 Some people have a loud sneeze and yet others a relatively soft one. In either case, you should never pinch your nose and close your mouth to prevent the sneeze. You are just trying to muffle the sound of your sneeze, but what you are actually doing is causing your health imminent danger. A sneeze is nothing but pressurized air that is expelled through the nose. Holing in this pressurized air can cause ear damage, hearing loss, a ruptured eardrum, ruptured and weakened blood vessels in the eyes and brain, diaphragm injuries etc. So, next time when the sneeze builds up, let it out. Don’t try to stop it. Nobody is going to judge you because of your sneeze.  

Heating Food In Plastic Containers

 As per the original theory, one should not heat food in plastic containers as they release dioxins. Well! That is so not true. Plastics release dioxins only on burning. So, as long as you are not planning to burn your food in a plastic container it is absolutely safe. On the other hand, what plastic containers do have is a chemical called BPA (Bisphenol-A). BPA is considered to be an endocrine disruptor which mimics human hormones. Plastics release BPA on heating which escapes into the food. Again, such a synthetic substance is not good for human health. What you need to make sure is that the plastic container is BPA free and also don’t heat the food too much. If you want piping hot food then use glass containers.

Using Smartphone in Darkness 

Browsing On Smart Phone At Night

Using smartphones and other blue light emitting devices (tablet, laptop etc.), at night have a range of harmful effects. But replying to what’s app comments’, checking out friend updates on Facebook etc., before going to bed has become a routine for all. During the daytime, we are exposed to the full light spectrum from the sun. At night, we get relief from it as the sun goes down. However, using light emitting electronic devices at night exposes us to the same broad spectrum light all over again. This can damage vision by causing macular degeneration. It is a condition where one loses central vision. The blue light emitted from these devices can also disrupt the sleep pattern. Melatonin regulates the body’s sleep cycle. But, blue light interferes with the production of melatonin. Now, melatonin is also an anti-oxidant and hence needed by the body. It helps fight many diseases including cancer. Consequently, to break this bad habit, limit the use of phones, tablets, and laptops at night.


let’s be clear about one thing everyone is not a doctor. As such, not every person can access their symptoms correctly. If you are not feeling well and have a fever, go to a doctor. Don’t just medicate yourself with a Paracetamol or Tylenol. Fever is just a symptom. You need to know the cause to remove the symptom. Self-medication in most cases will only provide you with temporary relief. Also, even the commonly available, over the counter medicines, can cause liver damage. So, why put yourself in more trouble and increase the intensity of your illness when you can always consult a doctor. How to change this bad habit? Very easy…refrain from taking medicines without consulting a doctor.

Juicing Up The Fruit

Juicing Up

Most mothers believe in serving a glass of juice with breakfast. This is not a healthy habit. Juicing up the fruit removes all the fiber from it. What the body lands up getting is some liquid, a few nutrients and lots of sugar. Fiber is very important for the human body as it helps to regulate bowel movement. In turn, this keeps your tummy happy and overall health good. Juicing up the food is an extremely bad habit for students. They study all hours of the day and have erratic eating habits. A bowl of fruit each day will do their general health wonders. A good habit for kids would, therefore, mean one whole fruit a day. 

Skipping Breakfast 

Another bad habit for students is skipping breakfast. We all know it is the most important meal of the day. Hence, skipping it is not advisable. Lunch is yet hours away and the dinner was digested long back. The long gap between the two meals can cause severe acidity and heartburn. Such occurrence, when it happens regularly, can cause painful stomach ulcers. Skipping breakfast is not just a bad habit for students but for everyone. Therefore, eat a little and light breakfast if you are not very hungry but do eat.

In The End

Everyday habits that damage health are so normal that we really don’t pay much heed to them. But these habits don’t improve health, instead, they cause harm. Bad habits for students if not broken on time will stay forever. Therefore, as adults, we need to inculcate good habits for kids and lead them with an example. Be conscious of your health and practice good habits before preaching them. How to change bad habits? This is simply a choicewhich you have to make to stop doing them.

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