An Army Brat – A Restless Soul

I am what you call a quintessential ARMY BRAT! And hence a RESTLESS SOUL! Since the moment I started understanding things there has been just one constant in my life and that is CHANGE. Every two to three years it meant a new place, a new home, a new school and new friends. I am one of those lucky few who have made friends all over the country. It’s almost as if there is someone I know in every city. Now, how lucky am I? As an adult, I am never alone with so many friends all over.

We are born with “Confidence” and the “Art of Conversation” runs in our blood. We are bold and yet responsible, tolerant yet strong enough to voice our opinions and above all adaptability is our biggest strength.  To be honest, these things we learn from the cradle itself. Constant change is a hard teacher but the lessons you learn make you a stronger person. Our basics start from punctuality itself, respect for all is the next lesson, looking back is not an option and learning everything is good for our all-round development. Maybe that is why we are good at almost every practical thing and fail to excel like others. But still, we are no less because ultimately what matters is how we project ourselves. And that is one thing we have learned down pat.

Never ask where we were raised because you will not like the answer. Every couple of years it was a new place. It was a new beginning in all respects but the teachings and our environment were still the same. As an army brat, our permanent address is just an address on the paper. We live there only during vacations. We don’t have the luxury of being permanent anywhere. Our home is in our heart. As they say, you cannot judge us for you haven’t stepped in our shoes.

Our ups and downs were different from yours but they were still there. We missed celebrating festivals as a family, many times. But our extended family was always there to rejoice with us. When we were sad they came around to raise our spirits. Our family does not consist just of our parents and siblings but it includes all those who touch our lives. The base is our family.

Some father’s wear suits and ties but mine wore combat boots and dog tags. According to us heroes don’t wear capes, they wear the military colors. I do lead an unsettled and transient life and yet it has indeed been a privileged life. I wear the badge of “MILITARY BRAT” with pride and honor.

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14 Comments on “An Army Brat – A Restless Soul”

  1. I really loved this post! Moving around a lot can be hard on children but can also be a really powerful experience, which you demonstrated through your post. I do not plan on joining the military or have the goal of marrying somebody in the military but I do plan to give me children a “worldly” childhood and move them around to experience different ways of life so that when they are 20 like I am, they won’t be completely destroyed by the pressure of choosing a place to be without really knowing the world.

    1. In the beginning, it is tough because you really don’t understand why others stay in one place and you keep moving around. But gradually this life grows on you and you would not like things to change. All the best for your future plans.

  2. I’ve never really thought of the positive aspects of being a military brat. Having the opportunity to meet new people and make/have friends all over the country definitely sounds like the upside. Great article.

  3. Change is hard for anyone but I definitely think that change also allows us to grow and learn more about ourselves! I must admit that as I child I probably would have hated constant change but it’s something I crave as an adult 🙂

  4. Now I understand the term
    ‘Army brat’ that must have been tough moving every two/three years. At the end it’s all positive and especially as you have mastered the art of conversation and have friends in many cities!

    1. Thank you for appreciating those who don’t stand in the line of fire and are yet doing their bit. We are the support system of the forces.

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